A5 dog portrait

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A5 dog portrait

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An individual portrait of the dog of your choice! Who will be the lucky pup?!

Each portrait is hand drawn and painted in ink and watercolour. There is the option to add their name to the picture for no extra charge.

You will be required to send me photographs of the dog that you wish to be drawn and if you can provide a brief description of their character, that will be considered when creating the picture! (It helps me to feel like I know the dog that I’m drawing :) )

There is a limited number of portraits available at this price, so get in quick!

Orders will be delivered by Royal Mail approximately 4 weeks from receipt of photographs.

The small print (actually it’s the same size as the rest, but small print sounds better!)

- There are 3 portraits available at the discount price. When this limit is reached, the discount is no longer available.

- The offer is for an A5 portrait of one dog.

- Order completion and delivery will take approximately 4 weeks from receipt of the reference photographs.

- Following the transaction, please email photographs to arry@arrycainillustration.com

- The final artwork is my visual interpretation of the lucky dog in my illustrative style (i.e. these are not photo realistic drawings - see example picture for style reference). Where possible, I try to capture the character of the dog in the picture, which is why as ask about them and also request multiple photos if possible.

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